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Kerrie Juliana has been a part of pageantry for over 20 years in the role of mom and director.  In 2016 she had a desire to jump into the National Pageant world as a way to meet and mentor young ladies from across the country. 


“Pageantry needs a place where a girl can be celebrated for being herself and join a system that focuses on creating an atmosphere where competition meets education and their overall experience challenges them to be their best on and off the stage.” So, on July 17th, 2016, America’s Elite Miss was born.


In 2019, America’s Elite was honored to bring on Teresa and Shayne Keddy as business partners and together, this team will be unstoppable, innovative and creative as they work to bring about positive changes to National Pageants by restructuring everything from the cost to compete to the competition experience! 


Kerrie has worked in marketing and branding for companies to include McDonald’s, Home Depot, GM, Ford, Nissan, CVS and Walgreens.  She was fortunate to be a part of the Oprah Book Club panel and featured on the Oprah Show.  In 2013 she left Corporate America and decided she wanted to do something more meaningful.  She took on the role of Chairperson for the Montgomery (AL) Relay for Life and when she saw the courage it took to fight cancer, she knew that she had the courage to step out on faith and take her career in a new direction.  Fast forward to 2020, America’s Elite Miss will be re-branding the image as they prepare to celebrate their 5 Year Anniversary in July of 2021 in Orlando, FL.



For over twenty years Teresa Triplett-Keddy was the owner and choreographer of a dance and acrobatics company in the midwest.  She traveled the country with her performers, not only entertaining audiences but also competing at regional and national level competition events.  Her choreography has received countless awards all over the country and even one of the most prestigious - TOP 12 on America's Got Talent.  Teresa's dancers not only beat out over 70,000 acts to make it on the show but during that time, they ended up going the farthest any dance group had gone in the history of the television show.


In 2017, Teresa joined the Elite family as a pageant mom and has been a staff member ever since.  In 2020, she officially became Co-Owner and National Director of America's Elite National Competition and Beautifully Strong Productions, LLC.


In addition to Teresa's career accomplishments, in 2003 she graduated Summa Cum Laude from Lindenwood University, earning a BFA in Fashion Design.  Teresa plans to use her business background, production strength, competition experience, graphic design skills, fashion design training and passion for making a difference to continue growing a program that helps develop Beautifully Strong young ladies.  Her personal mission is to take what she has learned in her lifetime and together with TEAM ELITE, create something innovative, exciting and life-changing to all who experience it!



For 22 years Ron Juliana served in the US Air Force, serving overseas in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Africa protecting the country.  After retiring in 2010, he took on a Government position and is currently employed with the Department of Energy as an Information Operations Specialist.  Ron might have faced adversity while serving in the military but that only prepared to join his wife, Kerrie on her endeavor to change pageant world.  Little did he know he earned his Pageant Bootcamp 101 Degree and took over as Production Director.  

Ron possesses other skills that make him a good fit to the Pageant World - he loves to laugh. he is the life of any party, and he can cook!  So, there is never a dull moment on the National Queens trips with him in charge of entertainment and food!  Dubbed as "King Ron" or "Elite Security"  - he proudly wears these titles!  

If you ask Ron his favorite part of being a part of something so out of his comfort zone, he will tell you that "who else gets to travel, meet families with amazing daughters from all over the country and make a difference in so many lives along the way - it is worth the long hours we put in to produce a Truly Elite Experience!"



For nearly 30 years, Shayne has worked in the fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping field of emergency medicine, starting out as an EMT on an ambulance, then working as a flight medic, and for the past 19 years as an emergency room physician.  During his medical training in Residency, he was recognized as one of the top ten residents in the country. 

When not busy caring for patients, working out in the gym or writing, he spent the majority of those years doing logistics for his wife’s dance and acrobatics company, making sure things got where they needed to be at the right time.  Ever an adrenaline junkie, he most enjoyed on-the-fly coordination and delivery of impromptu necessities.  

He brings to America’s Elite his zest for life, his passion for nutrition and health, and his behind-the-scenes logistics experience to help make America’s Elite a truly spot-on and exciting experience.

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