America's Elite

National Competition Eligibility

  • Must be a female contestant ages four and older, as of June 1, 2021.

  • Contestants must be a natural born female.

  • Must not be pregnant.

  • Must not have a child, unless competing in Ms. age division.

  • Must not be married, ever been married or have had a marriage annulled, unless competing in Ms. age division.

  • No criminal history.

  • Contestants age 19+ in Ms. Division can be married, have been married and/or can have children.

  • Age Up Option:  If birth date falls 30 days prior or 30 days post National Event (June 7th 2021 - August 7th, 2021) - contestant will have the opportunity to advance up to the next age group.  Under NO circumstances can any contestant step down an age group.  This must be selected at the time of registration, if opting to advance up to the next age group.

  • Pageant delegates must live, work or attend school in the state or region you are representing.

  • Pageant delegates must read and agree to the appointed title contract, and sign and return the contract within 30 days after you receive it via email once the paid registration is completed.



  • CLICK HERE to view contract(coming soon)


  • CLICK HERE to view contract (coming soon)

    • Please read through the National Queen Contract before you attend Nationals.  The nine National Queens will need to sign this contract and will be held to the expectations listed within the contract.  Please only compete at America's Elite if you agree to our guidelines and expectations.​

Code Of Conduct

  • Contestant and her Parent/Guardian will continue to be a person of good moral character.

  • Contestant and her Parent/Guardian will conduct themselves in a courteous, professional manner at all times while representing America's Elite.

  • Contestant and her Parent/Guardian will not commit any act inconsistent with the highest standards of public morals and convictions, or any act that will reflect unfavorably on Elite, its Directors, representatives, sponsors and/or affiliates.

  • Contestant agrees to not slander other Contestants, Queens, Judges, Directors, Staff, Sponsors Photographers, H&MU Artists or anyone involved with or connected to America’s Elite.

  • Contestant & Parent Guardian understand that derogatory verbal and/or written remarks against the Directors, or any other person or party associated or connected with America’s Elite, may result in immediate disqualification at the discretion of America’s Elite.

  • Contestant and her Parent/Guardian acknowledge that any social media posts or other public post are subject to the rules and regulations set forth in this Code of Conduct/Morals clause, and Contestant and her Parent/Guardian agree to conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner at all times with regard to social media posts on both personal accounts and accounts associated with America’s Elite.

  • America’s Elite reserves the right to dismiss, in its sole discretion, any Contestant who is expelled from school, is charged or convicted of a crime, or is involved in other behavior which may question the fitness of the Contestant in her role as a representative of America’s Elite.

  • America’s Elite reserves the right to dismiss in its sole discretion, any Contestant whose conduct, influence or behavior is deemed unsatisfactory or detrimental to the best interest of America’s Elite and its Directors and/or other Contestants.

Age Groups & Divisions  (PAGEANT)


  • 4-6 Years - Jr Princess

  • 7-9 Years - Princess

  • 10-12 Years - Pre-Teen


  • 13-15 Years - Jr Teen

  • 16-18 Years - Teen

  • 19-25 Years - Miss


  • 19+ Years - Ms.

Age Groups & Divisions  (MODELING)


  • 4-6 Years - Jr Princess

  • 7-9 Years - Princess


  • 10-12 Years - Pre-Teen

  • 13-15 Years - Jr Teen


  • 16-18 Years - Teen

  • 19-25 Years - Miss

  • 19+ Years - Ms.

Head Shot

Both pageant and model contestants will need to upload a head shot by May 1, 2021.  If you choose to participate in both competitions, you have the option to use the same photo or you may upload two different images.

  • Head shot will be displayed in our custom designed, full color, national program book.

  • Judges will receive a copy of your head shot.

  • Photo must be current and reflect the actual age of contestant.

  • Age appropriate make-up and natural hair extensions are allowed in photographs for all age divisions.

Hair & Make-Up Guidelines

Natural hair extensions are allowed in all age divisions.  Absolutely NO GLITZ!  Even though we allow make-up in all divisions, we are looking for contestants to showcase their natural beauty.  Please use make-up to highlight your "look" and not change it!  Jr Princess & Princess contestants need to keep make-up minimal.    


  • Jr Princess & Princess:  Light make-up.  Only wear enough make-up to highlight you under harsh stage lights.  Please keep it minimal and age appropriate!

  • Pre-Teen, Jr Teen, Teen, Miss & Ms.:  No make-up restrictions for stage events.

  • Runway Model Category, however, will have different hair and make-up guidelines from all other stage events.   The Runway Model category will showcase natural beauty by keeping it simple.  Fresh face and hair in a slicked back ponytail.  Contestants with short hair will need to style hair away from face.  Petite division - no make up.  All other divisions - concealer, light powder, natural lipstick and mascara.


  • Jr Princess & Princess:  Light powder, hint of blush & lip gloss.  The judges should not notice your make-up!  Light make-up is allowed to smooth skin, cover a blemish and/or add a hint of color.  That's it!

  • Pre-Teen, Jr Teen, Teen, Miss & Ms.:  Light to moderate make-up, depending on the age group.  The younger you are, the less make-up you should wear.  Keep your "look" natural and do not wear heavy stage make-up in any age group.  Please make sure the judges notice YOU before they notice your make-up!


  • We allow make-up in all age divisions for commercial & photo/print.  We cannot stress enough that make-up needs to compliment the contestant and be age appropriate.  We suggest light-moderate make-up in all age groups.

General Guidelines


  • Enter and exit ballroom in between acts.

  • Silence cellphones at all times.

  • No seat saving with personal items or blankets.


  • Absolutely no photos or videos in the dressing room.  If a photo/video is posted from the dressing room, it will result in dismissal from the pageant.  No refunds.  This rule is to protect each contestant and will be taken seriously.

  • Each contestant will receive one dressing room access pass for a female parent/guardian.  This pass must be worn at all times to enter the dressing room.  No exceptions.

SASH & EMBROIDERY RULES (Pageant Delegates)

  • Sash may not be altered in any way, to include adding rhinestones or names to the back of the sash.  If this rule is broken, sash must replaced at contestants expense.


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